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5 IOT Solutions In Healthcare

The healthcare providers are actively taking advantage of the latest technologies. Innovative solutions are making both doctors’ and patients’ lives easier. New digital approaches are helping save lives while providing necessary services to people in the furthest corners of the planet. Internet of Things solutions have been springing up like weeds. Taking advantage of them is not a privilege anymore, it’s an acute necessity. We asked experts from to discuss new IoT solutions for the healthcare sector. 1. Biosensors Biosensors are creating a revolution in the healthcare industry. Numerous sensors collect and transmit information via a wireless network. They...

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4 Telemedicine Trends in 2018

Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are looking deeper and deeper into telemedicine. The obvious cost-cutting benefits coupled with a huge outreach make this type of medicine the new trend of the 21st century. Today over 75 percent of HDOs are using telemedicine solutions and plan to keep taking advantage of them in the future. It’s one of the top 4 investment priorities for the healthcare providers. The majority of HDOs have five-year plans that include telemedicine exploitation. 1. Telemedicine Will Become Medicine Today, telehealth and telemedicine have an unfortunate adjunct “tele”. This year, the healthcare industry is taking big steps toward...

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