The rapidly changing technologies have affected the healthcare industry. In order to stay on par with the competition while providing the best services to the patients, the healthcare industry players are looking at the latest IT solutions.

Starting with improved scheduling and ending with optimized financing, the healthcare providers are taking all they can from the best innovations in the IT sector. Knowing the latest IT solutions in the industry helps many players stay on top of their game. Experts dealing with managed IT services by BedRock IT helped us draft a list of the top options.

1. AdvancedMD

This solution is oriented at medical billing. It’s HIPAA compliant and cloud-based. Meaning, the hospital or doctor’s office doesn’t need to spend money on hardware and servers. All the updates are free and timely. The patient data is encrypted and kept safe from break-ins.

The information can be accessed by anyone with a password at any time and from anywhere. The company offers a website created specifically for ICD-10 information. It also features numerous training videos. The software supports hospital procedure codes and clinical modification diagnosis codes.

You can use AdvancedMD to schedule appointments for numerous practitioners and staff. The front-office staff can use it to processes copayments and verify the patient’s insurance information.

The software comes with iPhone and iPad apps to help check appointments, review information, and send messages to the staff.

2. NueMD

NueMD is an all-inclusive software for the healthcare industry, which can simplify the scheduling and billing process for offices of all sizes. Integrated practice management, electronic health recording, and medical billing are just part of what this solution has to offer.

Accountants can process an unlimited number of claims using this software’s HIPAA-certified claims clearinghouse. NueMD features integrated credit card processing and paper claims.

Medical staff and practitioners can take advantage of e-prescribing, lab report tracking, and secure fax management. The customer support for this software is impressive. The program comes with an app for iOS and Android.

3. drChrono EHR

This easy-to-use software is an excellent choice for numerous practitioners. It features calendars, reminders, and other scheduling tools, which are familiar to anyone, who has ever used a computer. The low learning curve makes its billing and claims tracking features appealing to the medical staff.

drChrono EHR is a combined medical software suite. It offers users a possibility to choose the most necessary tools and pay for them rather than opt for an expensive all-included option. With time, they can add new tools at an additional cost.

drChrono team offers excellent customer support. It’s always ready to create custom solutions for the users, who don’t appreciate the default options. The PM software comes with integrated EHR.

4. Compulink Healthcare Solutions

This hybrid solution has numerous features and add-ons, including EHR, optical POS, practice automation, as well as practice, revenue cycle, and inventory management. It can be used in the office or hosted in the cloud.

Depending on the office’s specialty, the solution can be tailored to fit its specific needs. The software offers patient scheduling options, reporting, and HIPAA-compliant portal.

Compulink simplifies billing by featuring EDI support, credit card processing, eligibility enquiries, and much more. Support is readily available online and via phone.