Month: December 2018

Technology Trends in Healthcare

Technology is transforming our society in ways we could only imagine in the past. From smartphones through computers to smart home devices, technological advancements are everywhere around us. And this is also true in the healthcare industry. Technology is shaping the future of medical care. Key technologies have laid the foundation for improving patient communication, boosting convenience, ensuring efficient documentation and reporting, and improving diagnosis – ultimately life-saving. Medical wearables and digitization of medical records are just some of the numerous technological innovations that aim to improve health outcomes, provide personalized care, and reduce healthcare cost. Below we take...

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Modern Marketing for Healthcare Specialists: Medical Presentations

The rapidly evolving healthcare industry requires medical specialists to stay up-to-date with current trends, and that includes modern marketing strategies. With numerous healthcare specialists nowadays, marketing has become an essential aspect of your professional practice. Aside from the tight competition among medical practitioners, the Internet and digital technology have also made healthcare marketing even more challenging. These disruptive technologies have brought a myriad of marketing strategies that healthcare practitioners need to keep abreast of. But however challenging marketing may be, its importance cannot be overstated. The reality is that medical specialists need to attract new patients and retain current patients....

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